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The multi-period event "Weibsbilder" becomes reality on the 18th-20th. May 2024 in the Bärnau History Park!
We just wanted to move away from some things.

That military presentations are always in the spotlight, that male museum directors and organizers often decide what is shown at events and what ends up on posters and flyers. That historical narratives designed by men are so dominant. The fact that events designed by men often primarily address the questions and passions of male visitors.

That organizers are often men who fundamentally have no interest in women's issues, but then adorn themselves with the laurels of being the new heroes of feminism when women organize themselves and do it themselves at the events. Yes, there are many women in all of these areas.

But often they only work towards male ideas, successes and narratives. I wanted women's voices to be heard, for only what
they think is important and interesting to be shown, for an event to put their lives and their stories in the spotlight. An event that is there for women in living history, told by women in history, that makes female perspectives from historical research audible, that addresses the questions and perspectives of female visitors.

After the organizational team from before the pandemic unfortunately fell apart because other private tasks became important, I now looked for new support and found it in the Bärnau History Park, where I am very confident after the first discussions with the park management and committed fellow performers that my concern falls on really fertile ground. I am
very excited!

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