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Book Review: Viking and Iron Age expanded Boats by Ole Crumlin-Pedersen and Hanus Jensen

Robert Holtzman 1
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Viking and Iron Age expanded boats is the English version of the simultaneously-published Danish edition, Udspændte både fra vikingetid og jernalder. The two editions are identical in layout and are heavily illustrated with colour and black and white photographs, and line drawings from a variety of sources. This review is of the English edition. By “expanded boats”, the authors mean those craft that are more...

Roar Ege: The Lifecycle of a Reconstructed Viking Ship

Tríona Sørensen 1 ✉,
Martin Rodevad Dael 1
Publication Date
11th EAC Trento 2019
***In 1962, the remains of five late Viking Age ships were excavated from Roskilde Fjord, near Skuldelev on the Danish island of Zealand. Twenty years later, the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde began the process of building its first full-scale Viking ship reconstruction, the 14 m long coastal transport and trading vessel, Skuldelev 3...

The Construction of a Skin-on-Frame Coracle at Kierikki Stone Age Centre

Peter Groom 1 ✉,
India McDermott 1,
Evon Kirby 1
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In July 2018 a group of students from the UK participating in the Placements in Environmental, Archaeological and Traditional Skills (PEATS) Erasmus + Work Placement, attended the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, Pahkalantie, Finland. During the week previous to this experiment, the same group of students had built a skin-on-frame canoe, so the decision was taken to build an alternative lightweight craft...

Shifting the Sand: Replicating Black Powder Grenades

Stephen Lacey 1
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Black powder hand grenades are ubiquitous for several European archaeological sites between 1600 AD and 1900 AD. Unfortunately, many archaeological reports only note the presence of hand grenades in artifact inventories, perhaps denoting some minor measurements. Only one report contains a full assessment of grenades, but this was performed by treasure hunters who excavated the pirate ship Whydah...

The Gislinge Boat Open Source Project: An Old Boat and a New Idea

Triona Sørensen 1 ✉,
Martin Rodevad Dael 1,
Silas Tavs Ravn 1,
Marie Broen 1,
Marie Krogh Nielsen 1
Publication Date
In 1993, the remains of a wooden boat were uncovered during drainage works north of the village of Gislinge, on the island of Sjælland in Denmark (Gøthche 1995). Now reclaimed agricultural land, the area had once been part of the shallow Lammefjord, itself connected to the Isefjord and the open sea...


A large vessel for travelling over water, usually the sea (see also boat).
Definition source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary


A small vessel for travelling over water (see also ship).
Definition source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

Book Review: The Boyne Currach: from Beneath the Shadows of Newgrange By Claidhbh Ó Gibne

Tom Jackson 1
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Claidhbh Ó Gibne has devoted himself to building traditional currachs and researching their history. His new volume, The Boyne Currach: From beneath the shadows of Newgrange, puts the currach in the context of the history of...

Ósvör Sjóminjasafn (IS)

Member of EXARC

Ósvör is the largest and the oldest fishing base in Ísafjardardjup. Here, just outside of Bolungarvík you will find a (re)construction of an old fishing outpost...

Ósvör is the largest and the oldest fishing base in Ísafjardardjup. Here, just outside of Bolungarvík you will find a (re)construction of an old fishing outpost, a double 19th century fishing base with a salt hut, fish drying area and drying hut.