EXARC Journal Issue 2014/4

Reviewed Articles

The Iron Age Iberian Experimental Pottery Kiln of Verdú, Catalonia, Spain

Ramon Cardona Colell 1 ✉,
Josep Pou Vallès 1,
Noelia Calduch Cobos 2,
Borja Gil Limón 2,
José Miguel Gallego Cañamero 2,
Laia Castillo Cerezuela 1
Publication Date
The goal of this project is to reconstruct the operational sequence of manufacture of Iberian Iron Age pottery, from clay procurement to firing in a reconstructed kiln. Although pottery is the most characteristic artefact recovered on Iberian Iron Age excavations, most of its complex processes and production techniques remain poorly known...

An Experimental Comparison of Impressions Made from Replicated Neolithic Linen and Bronze Age Woolen Textiles on Pottery

Lewis Ferrero 1
Publication Date
Textile impressions on pottery provide evidence for fabrics and weaves in areas where the fabrics themselves do not survive. This article argues that the impressions can provide information on the uses of different fibres, the weaving technologies and possible trading or agricultural advances connected with these fibres...