EXARC Journal Issue 2016/4

Reviewed Articles

Living History as an Instrument for Historical and Cultural Exchange in German Archaeological Open-Air Museums: an Online Survey Defines Present Status

Tatjana Meder 1,
Jana Seipelt 1 ✉,
Sabrina Slanitz 1
Publication Date

In Germany, for several years now it has become increasingly significant as a means of reflecting the cultural exchange of archaeological open-air museums, as well as in scientific discussions and interdisciplinary meetings

The VIA SCIPIONIS Project Outdoor Travelling Experimental Archaeology and Re-enactment

José Miguel Gallego Cañamero 1 ✉,
Eduard Ble Jimeno 2,
P. Valdes Matias 3,
Javier García Pérez 4
Publication Date
In August 2015 the first rendition of an experimental archaeology project was held, for the first time in Spain. The objective was to study the problems faced by the Roman Republican legions from the second Punic War during their marches. This project, named VIA SCIPIONIS, captured an historical episode...

A Minoan Experimental House – Paying Tribute to Middle Bronze Age Cretan Vernacular Architecture

Sabine Beckmann 1
Publication Date

Prototypes, situation, general description

Especially impressive are the often massive ruins of dwelling foundations referred to as 'oncolithic' in my typology (for details see Beckmann 2012a).These foundations neutralize the often steep slope incline they are built upon, so that the original houses would have stood in a horizontal position. The settlement pattern and surface findings indicate that these installations were vernacular in character and probably housed mixed agricultural farms (ibid.).

The Gislinge Boat Open Source Project: An Old Boat and a New Idea

Triona Sørensen 1 ✉,
Martin Rodevad Dael 1,
Silas Tavs Ravn 1,
Marie Broen 1,
Marie Krogh Nielsen 1
Publication Date
In 1993, the remains of a wooden boat were uncovered during drainage works north of the village of Gislinge, on the island of Sjælland in Denmark (Gøthche 1995). Now reclaimed agricultural land, the area had once been part of the shallow Lammefjord, itself connected to the Isefjord and the open sea...