EXARC Journal Issue 2017/3

Reviewed Articles

Twenty Years with Flint. The Society for Experimental Prehistoric Archaeology – Where are We Now?

Grzegorz Osipowicz 1 ✉,
Justyna Kuriga 1
Publication Date
The Society of Experimental Prehistoric Archaeology (SEPA, www.keap.umk.pl) is an organisation affiliated with the Nicolaus Copernicus University’s Institute of Archaeology since 1998. The first academic supervisor of SEPA was Jolanta Małecka-Kukawka, now led by Grzegorz Osipowicz...

Research, Experimentation and Outreach in the Early Neolithic Site of La Draga (Banyoles-Spain)

Antoni Palomo 1 ✉,
Raquel Piqué 2,
Xavier Terradas 3,
Joan Anton Barceló 2,
Juan Antonio Rodríguez 3,
Montserrat Buch 4,
Jürgen Junkmanns 5,
Miriam de Diego 2,
Oriol López 2
Publication Date
The exceptional preservation of organic material in the early Neolithic site of La Draga (Banyoles, north-east Iberian Peninsula) has allowed lines of research that had rarely been undertaken in the region. The research project carried out at the site of La Draga involves experimental archaeology as a...

Sherd Shatter Patterns Experiment

S. Evans 1 ✉,
S. Barrera Hernandez 1
Publication Date
In field archaeology, the importance of non-diagnostic sherds is often overlooked. This archaeological experiment suggests that archaeologists should take into greater consideration, contexts where sherds are found grouped together in close proximity. The authors tested a series of experimental drops of modern pots...

Reconstruction of the Ancient Greek Long Jump - an Opportunity for Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Hannah Friedman 1 ✉,
Peter J. Miller 2
Publication Date
The Games of the XXXI Olympiad – the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (5 August to 21 August, 2016) – continued the long tradition of Olympic sports, which began in ancient Greece (circa 776 BCE), and were heavily modified in their re-creation by the International Olympic Committee...