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Experimental Archaeology, Fundamental Research and Applicability 

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Museu d'Arqueologico de Catalunya

Archaeological experimentation is fundamentally a methodological tool used in fundamental research and has now been established, in an increasingly consistent way, in the fields of formal and informal training. Its pedagogical potential allows the results of research to be applied to the transfer and dissemination in museums, archeological parks, interpretation centers and educational centers with remarkable success. In fact apparently experimental archeology is in vogue at least with the use of the concept, but is all that is advocated really experimentation or experimental?

The seminar aims to answer and above all to ask questions about the scope of experimental archeology, its usability and the deontological framework in which this practice is framed, among others. In this sense we want to analyze how experimental research projects are created, and how their results are applied in the world of pedagogy, museology and communication.

Prior reservation is required at A certificate of registration will be given to those who request it. The languages ​​used are Catalan, Spanish and English.

Aimed at: professionals in archeology, museums and students of archeology and wealth management.
Format: zoom, the link will be sent to registrants.
Publication: digital format Technical coordination: Anna M. Garrido (MAC) Scientific coordination: Antoni Palomo (MAC) Scientific advice: Javier Baena (Autonomous University of Madrid, Laboratory of Experimental Archeology)
Collaboration: Autonomous University of Madrid

Time: 10:00-19:00