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Historia Mundi

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
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Historia Mundi (BE)

This event is unique in its kind. It only happens once a year in Belgium that all historical associations are assembled under the cover of a multi-period camp.

During this camp we make a journey through World History. This happens in an encampment built in the style and the tradition of the presented period.

Some of the participating periods are: Celts, Romans, Vikings, Early Middle-Ages, Late Middle-Ages, Renaissance, Scottish Highlanders, 18e Century ‘Bourgeoisie’, Woodland Indians, French and Indian War, Colonisation of the Americas, Napoleon, Trappers and Plain Indians, Civil War, Cowboys, 1st and 2nd World War, Vietnam War, etc.

Next to that there are all sorts of demonstrations in this historical framework. Not only camp-life of the related period is presented, but also the matching trades, such as White and Indian handcraft, pottery, wood-work, forgery, to mention only some, are presented to the general public. Finally we demonstrate historical battles, tournaments, drill exercises and duels.

Extent of the event:

During our event we can count on around 1000 re-enactors or participants in historical costumes, as well as about 400 tents to give an as realistic image as possible of the different periods of world history.

We distribute about 100.000 flyers and 1200 posters over the whole of Belgium.

The press is largely informed to give as much advertisement to the event as possible.

We have around 10.000 visitors every year, so we can speak of this event as being a succes.