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Historical Food Fest 2023

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Guided Tour
the Netherlands

Sweet, sour and salty past

During Easter, the preHistorisch Dorp transforms into a place for foodies: learn more about the history of food!

Have you ever wondered how the Romans fed their armies in the Netherlands? How did the hunter-gatherers ensure that food was always available? What a set table looked like in a medieval inn? How was cooking done in the kitchen of a simple craftsman? Or when people started growing food around a farm? You can discover this and more in the open-air museum in Eindhoven, from 8 to 10 April.

Learning from the Newcomers

The Historical Foodfest is all about the food of the Newcomers. The beginnings of agriculture, the arrival of the Romans, trade with the Vikings, the discovery of the New World and the arrival of guest workers all have one thing in common: they brought new foodstuffs into our kitchen. Who ate what? And how does that affect your menu today? You will discover all that.

Plant stories

During the Historical Foodfest you dive into a world of new flavours. You can join guided tours of Wandeloogst and discover everything about the edible plants and herbs in our museum. There are more than you think! What can you do with it in the kitchen? And how do you take care of such an assortment at home? Of course there is also something to taste in our museum. Experience it during the walking harvest! 

These walks have been specially developed for adults: educational and inspiring.