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Digitalisation in Open-Air Museums and Reconstructions

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the Netherlands

This conference is open to all people with a museum or technical background who are interested in digital tools in the cultural sector. Our focus is on museums and other parties working with reconstructions (for example replica ships or other constructions that are not permanently tied to a museum). These parties need digital solutions, partly to serve their visitors, but also to help their staff in managing collections, and to streamline working methods and comply with current regulations (for example on digital archives of administration). 

At the conference in Museum Batavialand, EXARC will celebrate the launch of the RETOLD platform, where we will demonstrate how you can document, digitalise, and share the stories of your museum. This four-year project has been done in collaboration with museums and many others, thanks to EU support. You are more than welcome to join, and of course offer feedback and other comments! More information about RETOLD:

We expect the conference to be partly hybrid, but we would prefer for those presenting to be present in person where possible.