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The international reenactment fair IRM is the first cross-epoch trade fair for living history, reenactment, archaeotechnology and experimental archeology in Germany.

The last eight International Reenactment Fairs (IRM2011 - IRM2018) took place in the Roman Villa Borg Archaeological Park. Unfortunately, the operator decided not to continue this successful series of events there. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, all craftsmen and dealers, all helping hands and also all visitors for a great time!

We are glad that the International Reenactment Fair IRM has found a new home in 2022 with the RömerWelt at the caput limitis in Rheinbrohl.

Keep April 22 and 23, 2023 free for the International Reenactment Fair IRM2023!

See the press release of 05/10/2022 .

Also follow the information about IRM2023 on facebook:

Since many exhibitors do not yet know the RömerWelt, we have put together a small clip showing the available stand areas for the IRM2023 in the RömerWelt.

RömerWelt at the caput limitis : Overview of all stand areas
(MP4 video format; approx. 164 MB)

This video is also available on YouTube:

The individual stand areas lower gallery, upper gallery and open space can be downloaded as separate videos on the "Premises" subpage .