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NESAT XIV Finland organizers would like to announce that the call for papers, posters as well as research and/or crafts exhibitions is now open. Paper and poster proposals focusing on prehistoric and historic textiles are welcomed. Papers and posters may present the contextual analysis of textiles and new methods in textile research. We also encourage submissions of papers that consider the importance of textiles and their crafting techniques in wider archaeological and historical settings. Research and/or craft exhibitions will be presented at the social event on Monday May 18th. This four-hour social event will provide a platform for exhibitors to interactively present relevant research and/or techniques which are less suited to traditional paper or poster presentations, but nevertheless are vital to textile research. For those interested in presenting, please provide a clear description of space and/or technical requirements (table, wall space, electric hook-up, etc.). Examples of exhibitions which would be well-suited to this environment include experimental results or a detailed demonstration of a particular methodology. 

Deadline for the proposals (max. 200 words) is May 31, 2019. Please follow this link to submit your proposals (max 200 words) 



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