Calendar of Events

Autumn Viking Market


Autumn time is market time in Haithabu. Just like 1000 years ago, on the first weekend in November, dealers from near and far arrive in the former trading metropolis to sell their wares. The museum visitors are once again expecting an atmospheric trade fair experience, as the dealers are setting up their stalls in the exhibition rooms directly in front of the showcases with the original finds. Museum director Ute Drews has attracted over 30 dealers and craftspeople for this year's Autumn Fair, offering a rich selection of high quality and handmade goods. They transform the museum into a lively marketplace where many a long-cherished wish can be fulfilled or the winter supplies can be replenished.

Sabine Seifert is for the first time at the autumn fair; she draws inspiration from Viking-era finds in their jewelry creations. Ornate embroidery, as we know it from the famous Bayeux Tapestry, can be bought at the booth of the hand embroiderer Barbara Baumgarten. Gerlind Thiessen comes from Norway. The artisan, who has emigrated to Sápmi, learned many skills from the Sami and thus presents a unique assortment: jewelry and small articles of daily use from elk and reindeer antlers, as well as mammoth ivory. From Poland, long-distance traders are again expected to continue the trade relations between Vikings and Slavs.

Who growls by looking, haggling and buying the stomach: Do not worry, because in front of the museum greengrocer, baker, cheese maker, beekeeper and butcher spoil the visitors with Viking-age specialties. Right next door in the café you can warm up with hot lilac juice and enjoy tasty wild sausage from the grill.