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EAD21 in Wikinger Museum Haithabu

Kind of Event

_____Workshop: In the shield workshop

Production of a round shield from linden wood planks

Under the expert guidance of Tobias Molz, the participants make a fencing-compatible round shield from wooden planks with a diameter of 80 cm. The shields are covered with cowhide and equipped with handles made of ash wood and hand-forged bosses. During the workshop, comprehensive insights into craft techniques from the Viking Age are imparted.

Up to 10 people can take part in the one-day workshop. Costs: € 190 pp (including material and plus museum admission). Registration at: 

_____To participate: Leather pouch for coins and hacked silver

We sew leather bags for all kinds of odds and ends

Simple leather bags were used in the Viking Age to store a wide variety of "treasures". In the port of Haithabu, archaeologists have e.g. B. found a leather pouch full of glass beads. Axel Gieger shows you how to make a small bag from a simple piece of leather in just a few simple steps.

_____Craft in experiment: Salt - white gold of the Vikings

Looking over the shoulder of the salt boiler

The salt boiler and salt merchant "Hindrik de Sölter" brings different salts from all over the world to Haithabu. In his boiling pan over the fire, he wins the precious crystal in front of your eyes.

Time of all events: 9:00-17:00

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