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Vikings on the Prowl

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The hunting weekend is a real highlight on the site near the Viking houses. The fact that the settlers from Haithabu also went hunting is proven by the slaughterhouse waste recovered by archaeologists from the port of Haithabu: Bones of red deer, wild boar and roe deer were found. In addition to meat, hides, antlers and sinews were coveted raw materials that were processed into numerous objects. 

We will tie into this topic this weekend. You are invited to learn how to use a bow and arrow from archers. The brave practice archery themselves. Right next door, Reinhard Erichsen lets you look over his shoulder while making a bow. He also demonstrates Viking Age hunting techniques and reports on the diverse uses of game in the early Middle Ages. 

A special attraction awaits you when master falconer Hans Newe provides information about the thousand-year-old technique of falconry hunting. There is a special opportunity to admire hunting birds such as desert buzzards and falcons up close.