Prof. Dr Javier Baena Preysler

Vice-Chair of Experimenta Association

Javier Baena is professor of Prehistory and Archaeology teaching several issues at different Universities of Spain particularly at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (Spain). His work at the University (Universidad Autónoma of Madrid) teaching Experimental Archaeology since 1990, has promoted different Experimental centres in Spain like for example Museo de los orígenes (Madrid), La Algaba (Málaga), Carex (Burgos) etc. His activity provides scientific experience to many generations of Spanish archaeologists. One specific aspect of his work are the activity as editor of the Boletin de Arqueología Experimental (, and being one of the organisers of the international experimental archaeology conferences in Spain. He is the vice- chair of the Spanish Association of Experimental Archaeology, responsable of the Experimental laboratory at the UAM (, and is engaged in connecting it with the worldwide network represented by EXARC.

Tel: +(34) 91 4974600 (4608)