Dr Rüdiger Kelm


He is specialized in Roman Iron Age Archaeology in Northern Germany, Early Medieval/Viking Age Archaeology in Northern Europe, Ceramic Technology and Analysis and Landscape Reconstruction, Landscape Development and Pedagogic Programs in Archaeology.

(2020 - present): Chairman of the European Route of Megalithic Culture (officially recognized by the Council of Europe)
(2016 - present): Board member of ICOM Germany
(2007 – present): Director of the Archaeological-Ecological Museum Albersdorf
(2006): PhD in Physical Geography at the University of Kiel about the “Cultural Landscape of the Albersdorf Region”.
(2001 – 2003): Leading Partner in the European Project “Pathways to Cultural Landscapes”
(since 1997): Project leader in Albersdorf – the reconstruction of a neolithic cultural landscape in Northern Germany. Building up of a new permanent exhibition about “Man and Environment in Prehistory” for the Archaeological-Ecological Museum Albersdorf.
(since 1996): Bremen-Rekum – a Roman Iron Age settlement in Bremen, Northern Germany
(1992 – 1994): Mölleholmen – a late Viking Age island settlement in Southern Scania, Sweden
(1988 – 1995): Studied Archaeology, Geography, Botany, Public Law and Pedagogy in Kiel, Freiburg, Bremen and Lund/Sweden
(1988 – 1997): Archaeology in the City of Bremerhaven
(1995 – 1997): Employed in Historisches Museum Bremerhaven