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Registration Form for Individual Members

You intend to become Individual Member of EXARC, which we greatly appreciate. We are looking forward to having you in our circles, both in person and on line. If you would learn to know us at one of our meetings, you will have some colleagues to fall back upon in your daily work. Some of us might bring you good ideas, or make you see things in perspective, and that will be likewise when you share your experience with them. Below you will find a Registration Form.

Please check our fees before you register.


The points, which you can include: 1.When did you start activities, research programmes, demonstrations et cetera with experimental archaeology, public archaeology, (re)constructions of buildings, living history or other activities, relevant to EXARC? Please describe these activities in a few lines. 2. Think about relevant keywords people can search for: time periods (Bronze Age, Medieval times), geography, themes, materials,... 3. Please describe one of your successes you would advise other members.
You can upload GIF, JPG or PNG, maximum size 800kb.
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