Archeopark Vogelherd (DE)

Within the archaeological site of the Vogelherdhöhle cave, the museum, educational centre and theme park provide hands on activities on the Palaeolithic period.

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The remarkable archaeological site was discovered in the 1930s and consists of an articulated cave complex refuge, with three different entrances. Findings from the site refer to both daily activities and art creations such as the mammoth ivory figurine dating back to 40.000 years ago, being thus one of the most ancient human art-works.
Thematic trails lead the visitor from the original archaeological findings to dynamic approach with the past lives of palaeolithic ancestors, also available to educational programmes which include theatre activities too. Some of the themes are: art, food, fire-making, hunting. The interaction between neanthertals and sapiens is also illustrated. The guided tours benefit of the competence of University of Tubingen trained guides.


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