Bork Vikingehavn (DK)

"The Viking ships are gently rocking in the harbour. In the longhouse, the housewife sews new clothes, and sparks fly around the blacksmith, who makes new nails at the fire. Work is being done on the new Viking harbour next to the small wooden church where candlelight flickers under a victorious Christ. At the sacrificial grove offerings are made to the Æsir Gods ...”

Open from

Outside you can often see talented Vikings who work at the Viking houses, and you can try your hand at the training tools at the Viking playground. In the sacrificial grove you can sacrifice to the Nordic gods, and in the Viking hall the children can dress up as Vikings. Every day, a Viking story teller is ready to take you on the free public tour, which gives an exciting insight into the Viking Age and the history of Bork Viking Harbour. Bring your family along and let us give you a 1000-year-old experience you will forget late.
Bork Vikingehavn consists of several different reconstructed Viking houses, the ships in the harbour, a wooden church, the sacrificial grove, the marketplace and of course the Vikings as in the summer live on the harbour and provide life and happy days. The rustic museum shop is also always worth a visit - maybe you need a little piece of the Viking Age with home as a memory?

Fixed events

The Vikings wake up
Every year at Easter, there are extra livelihoods and activities at Bork Vikingehavn when the Vikings really wake up from the winter's sleep. The harbour is being prepared for the spring and summer, the Vikings are ready to welcome and do fun activities with the children.

Warrior Days
Each year, different groups of Viking warriors meet at Bork Vikingehavn, where they combat about the honourable spear. The crafts of the Viking warriors are their fighting techniques, and they show them willingly these days. A unique opportunity to get close to real Viking combat.

Viking Market
Every year, Bork Vikingehavn holds the tradition of the Viking market on the second weekend of August. 300 Viking take over the harbour with everything from bloody fighting shows and the fantastic Viking playground to market stalls, shopkeepers, creepers, dance and music.


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