Centrum Slowian i Wikingów (PL)

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Densely wooded, and with bays in the Oder river lagoon lies the island Wolin. In the old days, this place controlled the entrance to the river – or to the sea, depending how you look at it.
Visiting the reconstructions of the dwelling houses and the craftsmen workshops from the early Middle Ages – from the 9th to 11th century, you can see how the daily life could be and how they lived and worked.

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In the inside of the huts of different constructions one can see the replicas of furniture, tools and other utensils like used 1000 years ago. All objects and equipment can be watched but touched as well and one can independently try various tools or sit on “historical” chairs, lay on the bed or just transfer oneself into the times of the Slavs and Vikings.

In Medieval times, every item, from a sewing needle to the houses was hand-made using effective tools. In the “Center of Slavs and Vikings” one can not only see the craftspeople work, dressed in historical clothes, but one can also try to work and learn to understand the life and work of the people living in Wolin 100 years ago. Different games can be played: tug-of-war of the wild boar’s skin, fighting on a balance in the military equipment et cetera. Viking snacks are served, an early medieval pancake with fruit preserve, honey or goat cheese cooked over the fire, bread with hand-made lard and herbal tea boiled in the cauldron over the fire.


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