Historic Brattonsville (US)

Before supermarkets, microwaves and iPods, how did Carolinians live? Learn how people farmed the land, cooked their food and entertained themselves in the 1800s at Historic Brattonsville, a 775-acre Revolutionary War living history site.

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Experience living history, including the African American story. Explore the Bratton Plantation, owned and lived on by three generations of the Bratton family.More than 30 historic structures chronicle the Carolina Piedmont from the 1750s-1840s. Historical farming techniques and day-to-day activities are presented by costumed interpreters year-round.

Rare breeds of farm animals such as Gulf Coast sheep, Devon cattle and Ossabaw Island hogs are cared for here, just as they were hundreds of years ago. Historic Brattonsville is one of the few sites offering African-American historic interpretation.

The Walt Schrader Trails, an 8.5 mile network of back country paths, crosses land steeped in local history and geographic diversity.

1760s to late 19th century

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