Historisches Museum Bern (CH)

With the exhibition named "Die Pfahlbauer – am wasser und uber die Alpen" (The pile dwellers - on the water and over the Alps) which was open until January 2015, the (re)construction of a prehistoric house is being built in front of the Historical Museum in Bern.

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The house is based on the archaeological remains dug in Lake Biel and dating back to 3400 BC. Archaeological data gave the base from which a hypothesis for reconstruction was planned by the means of experimental archaeology. This (re)construction is one of the three spaces in which the public can experience directly the archaeology exhibited inside the museum. The other two are the growing of cereals and ancient pea varieties and the metalworking workshop. Schools, visitors and families are thus invited to experience first hand how the houses were built and might want to help using the stone axe to cut the poles.

3400 BC

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