Korean Folk Village (KR)

Minsok village is a living museum type of tourist attraction in the city of Yongin, south of Seoul, a theme park if you like. Here once can experience 19th century Korea. The purpose of Korean Folk Village is to display elements of traditional Korean life and culture.

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There are multiple sections to the park with 270 replicas of traditional houses of the different social classes (peasant, landowner, yangban) from various regions. One can even find a jail here. One marks the depictions of different regions, like for example a village from the island Jejudo.
Korean Folk Village is famous for the people who wear the costume of Sato (the governors), Daejanggeum (a royal cook of palace), Kumiho (legendary fox with nine tails), Geosang (business magnate in Joseon dynasty), and more interesting characters of the Joseon Dynasty.
Employees demonstrate traditional crafts like metalworking and woodworking. The park also a traditional street market and restaurants serving all kind of typical Korean food. There are performances of traditional dances, tightrope play, horseback martial art play, marriage ceremonies, and recreational activities. The folk village offers cultural experience like coloring ceramics, horseback riding, and more. Nearby are an amusement park section has rides and games, an art museum and a sculpture garden.
The Korean Folk Village in Korean: 한국 민속촌 (Hangul), 韓國 民俗村 (Hanja) and Hanguk Minsokchon (Revised Romanization).

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