LSU Rural Life Museum (US)

The Rural Life Museum is a museum of Louisiana history in Baton Rouge, USA. It commemorates the contributions made by its various cultural groups through interpretive programs and events throughout the year.

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In 1964, the Burden family donated to Louisiana State University their family farm. This remarkable act of generosity resulted in the formation of the Burden Center and the LSU Rural Life Museum upon 450 acres of prime real estate in the center of Baton Rouge. This is the largest gift ever received by LSU, an estimated value of $270 million dollars. The aesthetic value of the property as a green space within Louisiana’s largest city is invaluable.

Encounter the past at one of the “Top 10 Outdoor Museums in the World,” according to the British Museum!

You’ll travel back in time – a time when every day life in rural Louisiana centered around hard work, cooperative effort, and family. Whether you choose a self guided or docent led tour available in several languages, you will walk through the working Plantation feature, the Folk Architecture section, and view hundreds of artifacts dealing with rural life up to the early 20th century.

19th - 20th century

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