Mammutheum (DE)

In October 1975, Bernard von Bredow found one of the largest mammoth skeletons in Europe. In 1991, he founded the Mammutheum where one can dive into the world of the mammoths and the mammoth hunters.

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Von Bredow’s Mammutheum is both an indoor and an outdoor experience. He also gives workshops regarding all types of Stone Age techniques. The link between nature and culture, made clear with Stone Age examples, should be a lesson for the modern visitors.

In the outdoor Stone Age Park one will find some life size models. On occasion, you can do some bow and arrow shooting or see a demonstration in stone working. Here you’ll find answer to life and survival in the Stone Age, to mammoths, Stone Age and experimental archaeology. In the model of a hut made of bones, you can be fascinated by the revolutionary mastering of fire making. Besides the hut of bones, there also is a hut of wood and a hut of the Neolithic area (re)constructed.

Life size models of animals like the mammoth herd of Sevsk, the Berezowksa mammoth, the mammoth Oscar, the unicorn, a fable animal, the woolly rhinoceros Poldi, a predecessor of the rhino, Laica (7 m tall, 9 metres long and weighing 28 tons) and a brontotherium.


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