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Midgard viking Centre is part of Vestfold Museums IKS. It was opened on 27 May 2000 by HMS Queen Sonja and has as main objective to offer immersive learning experiences about the Viking Age in Vestfold. In 2013 the Viking Hall was opened after evidence of historical halls were discovered next to the burial mounds in 2007.

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Midgard viking Centre is the centre for Vestfold's Viking history! Stroll among ancient burial grounds, visit the exhibitions, experience the mighty Viking Hall and enter our historical grounds.
Here you can meet the Vikings, taste their food, observe their detailed crafting and be amazed at their skills and talents. Come see our Vikings and watch history come to life!
Midgard viking Centre with its majestic view of the Borre mounds is located an hour from Oslo. Here lies the Nordic region's largest collection of monumental burial mounds from the Viking era. According to Snorre Sturlason, kings are buried here!
The Viking Hall is a unique reconstruction of a royal hall building from the Viking era. Chiefs and nobles have populated this area, here they are buried - and here they still rest...

Photos copyright:
Midgard Viking centre: Aurora Wegge
Viking hall: Jørgen Steen
Borre mound: Jon Anders Bjerva


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