The Museum of the Cherokee Indian (US)

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian located in the heart of Cherokee North Carolina. Experience the 11,000 year old Cherokee story through priceless ancient artifacts, computer generated imagery, artwork, life-sized figures, dioramas, and more. An interpretive site for the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

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The objective of this museum is to 'authentically present and preserve thousands of years of Cherokee history and culture.' This it does, displaying one of the finest exhibits of Native American artifacts in the United States. One exhibit includes a digital movie of the creation of the Cherokee Nation. When you enter the building, you begin walking along a timeline, beginning with the Paleolithic era some 10,000 years ago and continuing chronologically to modern times. Artifacts that you'll find here include farming utensils, weapons for hunting and war, clothing, copies of the first photographs taken of the Cherokee people, pottery, baskets, and an art gallery displaying native art and photography. Also included are lighting special effects, the most impressive of which is a holographic exhibit of the Cherokees. A gift shop is also open in the museum. On the grounds is a 20-foot-tall, hand-carved statue of Sequoyah, the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.

Pre-8000 BC - 1200 AD

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