Ornavik (FR)

ORNAVIK is a rather crazy project, aiming to recreate Normandy as it might have been in the 10th and 11th centuries.
Ornavik is also a place where you can discover the history of the birth of our region through its Carolingian village, its Viking area and its Motte and Baily castle. At Ornavik you can not only study Viking history but above all relive it! From the moment you enter into the Park, you will be immersed in a world of craftspeople, warriors, merchants, nobility and other townspeople in their costumes.

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A Collaborative Real Life Adventure
Ornavik lives through the dedicated work of about a hundred volunteers and is financed mainly by local ponsors and regional grants. The authenticity of the project is ensured by a panel of experts, made up of historians and archaeologists, who check the building plans and techniques prior to reconstruction.

The Carolingian Village
In the Carolingian village, you will discover the country life of our 10th century ancestors. In the gardens, you will find a large variety of plants and vegetables which were used during the early Medieval Ages. Some farms which are being recreated will enable you to admire the building skills of the construction team. The buildings are erected using period tools and materials. You will also discover other craftspeople such as basket weavers, textile weavers, dyers and so on.

The Viking Island The Motte And Baily Castle
The Vikings island will show you the true image of those who are considered, even today, as barbarians. Woodcarvers, smiths, weavers, cooks, traders, game players and carpenters will share with you their knowhow and demonstrate the incredible skills that the Vikings possessed. On this island, you will discover the way of life of those people from the North who came here to stay, although they left no archaeological traces of their settlement.

The Motte And Baily Castle
A motte (also known as a Motte and Bailey Castle) was the 11th century residence of the Norman aristocracy. A symbol of wealth and power, it is the visible instrument of the domination of the lord over his lands. A motte also has a defensive role since its fortifications help to protect the population in case of aggression.


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