Viking House and Garden (IE)

On the base of archaeological sources dating from 8th to 10th Century AD, a viking house was (re)constructed in Dublin Botanic Gardens.

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The house is built with 100% organic materials similar to those used in the past and replicates the floor-plan of a typical structure of the viking age as the archaeological resources point out in previous excavations, especially those in the Wood Quay and Fishamble Street, Dublin.
The whole process of the building of the house is recorded on the Dublin Botanic Garden's website.
Extensive research carried out on the botanical residues in the archaeological site will be used to re-create a viking garden around the house itself.
The structure will be used for educational purposes, introducing pupils and visitors to Dublin's early history through archaeological evidence. The underlying theme of sustainability of construction will be also illustrated by the interaction with humans and natural resources.


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