Vikingabyn Gotland (SE)

Gotland is called the Viking Island by some as it has a very strategic position in the Baltic Sea. Thousands of finds have been made, showing this was an important place to be in the Viking Age. The majority of all the Viking silver treasures in the world have been found on Gotland. All over the island there are ancient monuments.

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Few eras tickle your imagination as much as the Viking Age. Myths and legends, Viking ships and silver treasures, Norse, mystery, struggle, sacrifice and mead. From this cauldron of possibilities the Viking Village was made with its events and experiences. It looks like the 9th century here, populated by "Vikings" in period costumes. The mood is strengthened by the smell of tar and wood, the smoke from the fires, sounds from the forge and workshops and the smell of slowly grilled lamb that over the open fire. This is an environment that inspires and enthuses.

The reconstructed village in Tofta showed how a farm might have appeared during the 9th century. Here you would have the opportunity to play games and sports of the era and to make your own Viking handicraft. Bake bread after a recipe from the Viking age or challenge a “real” Viking in axe throwing. There were a lot of different activities to take part in. There were several events every Summer, starting with Viking Midsummer and the Viking Festival. The village also catered for school groups with Viking and other type of programmes.

The village closed in 2015. 


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