Warownia Jomsborg (PL)

Warownia Jomsborg is a replica of Medieval Vikings’ gord which is situated in the heart of Warsaw. Visitors can get a complete picture and realistic experience of how everyday life of Slavs and Vikings living in Early Middle Ages looked like.

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Originally, Jomsborg was a Vikings’ hamlet, where they settled between VIII-IX century. It is historically significant to Poland, because Jomsborg warriors were fighting as mercenaries for Bolesław Chrobry, the first Polish king. That’s why the main mission of Warownia is to share knowledge about national history.

First impression, before seeing the gord, is the view of a high fence made of tree boles with a great gate. After passing the gate there is a big empty field, an area for recreating Vikings’ fights by Jomsborg Vikings Hird. Then the Long House, an exact reproduction of a medieval hut and similarly looking weavers hut. In the Tavern visitors can try local, traditional, medieval cuisine. Lastly there is a souvenir shop and an old stock which was used as a form of punishment.

There are many attractions which move us back in time, such as seeing fighting Vikings who wear traditional armour and use replicas of medieval weapons. Another one is watching the weaver manufacturing clothes or taking part in a process of making old coins, which guests can also do for themselves. Visitors can enjoy shooting a bow, throwing a dagger, eating and drinking like in the old times. But also gain knowledge during history lessons.



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