Yacimiento Arqueológico Los Millares (ES)

Los Millares is one of the most important sites of the European Chalcolithic. It is located north of the town of Almeria, placed in the southern coast of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. The settlement dates from 3200 to 2200 BC and was protected by four circles of walls with circular towers. Its necropolis, with over 100 collective tombs, has no comparison in Europe. The site gives a name to one of the Chalcolitic (Copper Age) cultures of Europe.

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The site was discovered in 1891 during the building of a railway. In 2007 the regional cultural committee started an extensive work to give Los Millares an interpretation centre with more facilities and also restored parts of the site. The huts were furnished and prepared to provide hands on activities and workshops, some mounds were restored and a new trail was laid out with the aid of the University of Granada.
In 2010 a project to build a proper interpretation centre building, inspired by interred houses, was delivered. The current reconstructions give the opportunity to have interactive activities such as the burying ceremony for schoolchildren.






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