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2019 Australian Archaeology Association Conference: Disrupting Paradise

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Australian Archaeology Association (AU)

AAA Session

Exploring the Zooarchaeological and Archaeobotanical Record in Australia through Space and Time

Convenors: Ms Fiona Hook, PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
Dr Carly Monks, Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Dr Jillian Garvey, ARC DECRA Fellow, La Trobe University

With high diversity and regional endemism of our flora and fauna, archaeologists working in Australia have developed world leading approaches to the analysis of organic material cultural remains. Archaeologists routinely ‘disrupt paradise’ by imposing inherent Eurocentric biases in analysing this unique record. The depth of time and the vast expanse of Australia, combined with the relatively low number of studies, has meant that the majority of botanical and zoological research often produces discrete regional results. This session will explore the current state of research into the fields of Australian zooarchaeology and archaeobotany. A significant part of such research involves experimental and experiential archaeology.

Papers in this session

  1. Jillian Garvey (La Trobe University) Experimental Archaeology in Australia
  2. Chae Byrne (University of Western Australia) Talking Trees: Anthracological Analysis of Serpents Glen, Western Australia
  3. India Dikes-Hall  (University of Western Australia) People-Plant Relationships During the Mid-to-Late Holocene: An Examination of Macrobotanical Assemblages from Archaeological Sites in the Kimberley
  4. Ariana Lambrides (James Cook University) Queensland’s Holocene Indigenous Fisheries: A Zooarchaeological Meta-Analysis
  5. Fiona Hook (University of Western Australia) Pilbara Scaphopod Shell Bead Necklaces: Historical and Ethnographic Evidence
  6. Morgan Disspain  (Niche Environment and Heritage) Djenj Mankarre: Bininj Fishing Past, Present and Future
  7. Tiina Manne (University of Queensland) Prey Choice in Riwi, Northern Australia
  8. Sofia Samper Carro (Australian National University) Ritual Or Feast?: Exploring Two Dugong Mounds in Woedul Island (Western Torres Strait) Through Taphonomy
  9. Georgia Roberts (Australian National University/Monash Indigenous Studies Centre) A Reinterpretation of Prey Choice and Human Movement in Late Pleistocene Tasmania
  10. Lauren E. Cunningham (University of Queensland) Understanding the Signature for Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus Harrisii) Scat-Bone: A New Taphonomic Study to Address the Known Unknowns in Bone Fragment Variability
  11. Carly Monks (University of Western Australia) Going Feral: Colonialism and the Zooarchaeology of European Faunal Introductions in Australia
  12. Duncan Wright (Australian National University) The Archaeology of Ancestor Trackways: The Waiet Project in Western and Eastern Torres Strait