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Basketry Workshop at The Crannog Centre

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United Kingdom

Basketry is an elegant, simple and sustainable craft.

Great for everything from containers to fishing pots and even constructing buildings, it’s incredible what a humble rod of willow can become! Basketry in Britain goes back into our prehistory. Although modern materials have replaced many of the traditional willow containers that would be used in the home and for packaging, people are reconnecting with traditional crafts and materials as far more environmentally friendly options. Willow is strong and light and comes in a stunning array of varieties and colours, and right from the start there is craftsmanship in basketry: the willow trees have to be ‘coppiced’ as a way to create long straight rods to weave with. A bundle of rods will become a sturdy base, with several skilled weaves used to create the sides. The willow and ultimately the basket are moulded through skill, time and creativity to create an individual woven masterpiece and it’s crafting is a relaxing and satisfying way to wind down and slow the pace of life.

If you have ever fancied trying your hand at weaving a basket, now is the time! Join a community of likeminded people, and with guidance and support, to create your own small egg or berry-picking basket using our local willow, grown on the shores of Loch Tay.

Refreshments and a traditional lunch cooked in our Iron Age kitchen will be provided. You will go away with new skills, new connections, an information booklet and your own handcrafted basket to cherish and use at home, alongside the memories of a unique day spent immersed in prehistoric life.

Suitable for complete beginners! This is a chance to discover traditional methods of willow weaving among fellow enthusiasts and perhaps discover a new passion, all whilst immersed in the stunning setting of our prehistoric museum set in the hills of Highland Scotland.

Course details: Price £80 (+fees) Use the calendar below to book.

Arrival at 9.00am, starting with a welcoming hot drink with your fellow course participants and leaders, and a chance to explore the site.

A visit to our museum to talk about the use of weaving, baskets and willow at the time of the Iron Age Crannog people.

Make your way to our beach and collect the willow soaking in the water and sort it into sizes in preparation for making your basket.

Start the basket weaving, crafting the base.

Break for a delicious, traditional lunch prepared in our Iron Age kitchen.

Continue making your basket until it is finished using different techniques and weaves for the sides and rim. We will be finished by around 5.30pm.

You will leave with your finished basket and the knowledge to continue making your own basketry, an information booklet and memories of a prehistoric experience.