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Carpathian Archaeological Festival - Two Faces

Kind of Event
Market / Fair

The Carpathian Archaeological Festival Two Faces is a cyclical outdoor event based on historical reconstruction and experimental archaeology, related to the Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages. After a decade of organization, the event enjoys a well-deserved reputation in Poland and Europe. Then we host groups of performers from all over Poland, as well as from Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

During the festival, an attempt is made to reconstruct the lives of our ancestors. In the camp of warriors, on the festival square and in the archaeological park, you can take a look at everyday life, e.g. preparing meals, assembling combat equipment, preparing and decorating clothes, making leather goods, as well as watching shows performed by craftsmen, presenting the previously mentioned historical periods. On Friday evening, as part of the promotion of the event, there is an annual parade and presentation of reconstruction groups on the market square in Jasło. Tournaments, which are the most spectacular element of the event, have become a permanent part of the festival program. The fights and skirmishes of the best fighters that make up the finals of the tournaments are decided on Sunday just before the awards ceremony. The most popular among tourists is the reconstruction of the battle, which takes place on both festival days in the afternoon. On Sunday, the crowning element of the battle is a staging of a cremation burial of a fallen soldier along with traditional funeral rites. During the festival you can listen to concerts of early music.