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Children's week at Foteviken

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In our Viking town you will travel back in time, meeting craftspeople, warriors, merchants, wise people, skilled women and storytelling skalds. 

This week will have activities for all ages. Everything from exciting Viking tales to historic games and various crafts you can watch and learn from. The children may join the Harald Bluetooth Viking Club. There you may participate in games and training activities (such as archery) to become a good Viking. You may visit the craftspeople in their houses: the blacksmith who might be crafting arrowheads, the woodcarver, the glass bead maker, skin tanner etc. See the silversmith Olof mint coins in his workshop, listen to the wisdom of the monk and meet the skald with his sharp tongue.

Fetch your activity pamphlet in the shop. When you have completed your tasks you have evolved from thrall to Viking, and will be rewarded with a free ice cream in the shop during this week. 

Activities: 11.00 -15.00
Open hours: 10.00 -17.00
Entry: 10.00 - 16.00
Regular entry fee.