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European Crafting in the Bronze Age and Today - CRAFTER Presentation

Organised by
Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte (DE)

The European Early Bronze Age (ca. 2200-1550 BC) is characterized both by a high degree of unknown before mobility of craftspersons and the manufacture of polished drinking vessels and dishes typical of different European Early Bronze Age cultures. The principle objective of the EU cooperation CRAFTER is to arouse interest in this first age of networking and to stimulate the work of present-day potters whose handicraft is threatened with extinction. Furthermore, by learning about their common cultural heritage present-day Europeans should become aware of their common routes. 

The propositions of the project were as following:

  1. Exchange of experiences in prehistoric pottery by artisans, archaeologists, and specialists for cultural heritage management.
  2. Manufacture of replicas of ceramics characterizing four European Early Bronze Age cultures: El Argar (south-eastern Spain), Únětice (central Europe), Füzesabony (eastern Hungary) und Vatin (northern Serbia).  
  3. Production of film sequences to document and visualize the manufacture of the replicas to make cultural heritage and present-day handicraft come alive. 
  4. Vessels of the four aforesaid Early Bronze Age cultures along with replicas and documentary film scenes will be presented simultaneously in all participating museums (Mula, Halle (Saale), Debrecen, Paraćin) to share one's perception of present-day ceramic art. 
  5. The replicas should be offered for sale in museum shops or online to generate a new business model for potters

The State Museum of Prehistory Saxony-Anhalt at Halle (Saale) will present the replicas of four Early Bronze Age ceramics together with the documentary films showing their manufacture on Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th of September 2019. Attendant will be the potter Beatrix Weißflog, the technician and metallurgist Frank Trommer, und a salter from the historical salt works at Halle (Saale). Visitors may taste food and beverage of the Bronze Age and there will be guided tours touching special topics in the museum. 

The State Museum of Prehistory Saxony-Anhalt at Halle (Saale) cordially invites all interested people to gain insight into the world of the Nebra Sky Disc (Únětice culture) as well as into the ceramic art of four contemporaneous cultures: the documentary film scenes and replicas will be presented together to enable both a haptic and visual impression of the pots and an immediate comparison between ceramic arts of different regional provenance. 

Come and enjoy two days of European handicraft in the Bronze Age and Today!