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The festival aims to give an opportunity for a large number of performers of different ages, dealing with Bulgarian folk music and dances, to perform. To motivate their creative development and encourage their efforts to preserve folk art. 

The festival has a competitive nature and includes participants from different ages and parts of the country. They will present their performances to the public. A jury of respected performers and teachers - authorities in Bulgarian folklore will evaluate all participants, and the best of them will win prestigious awards and prizes. 

During the festival days, the talents will present musical performances, folk dances and preserved, passed down from generation to generation, Bulgarian customs. All visitors to the Historical Park will have the opportunity to enjoy them.

The accommodation of the participants will be in the unique Yurt village next to the Historical Park and the hotel part in the village of Neofit Rilski. In the evening, by the fire, everyone will be able to communicate, share creative ideas and have fun.

We invite all lovers of Bulgarian folklore to become part of this celebration. You can declare your desire to participate by contacting us.