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How Bread is made

Czech Republic

Look at the gardens and fields of that period, the old varieties of crops and fruit trees, learn about how they were used and their importance. You will learn about the ways food was obtained and processed, the way meals were prepared, the way different tools were used and the importance of dividing labour. You will see the world of special tastes of our ancestors. Different purees (grain, legume, fruit and meat), made up the basis of our ancestors' daily menu. Besides purees, they also had roasted meat, roasted grains and other delicacies. You will learn about how much effort went into making a single loaf of bread. You will take part in processing grains, grind flour on a grinder stone, prepare dough and make bread in a clay oven. You will see that bread was not a matter of course every day. Bread was considered the house's "soul", so people behaved accordingly to it.