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An Integrated Approach to Unveiling Wear Traces on Non-Flint Stone Tools

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TraceoLab University of Liège

In diverse geographic and chronological contexts, non-flint lithic materials have proven to be crucial for the production of lithic artifacts, providing valuable insights into hominin socioeconomic strategies and lifeways. Despite significant advances in the study of these assemblages, including wear studies, methodological, analytical, and applicative challenges persist, hindering a comprehensive understanding of the role of non-flint raw materials in the lives of early hominins.

INSTONE workshop aims to highlight the role and importance of non-flint lithic assemblages in Pleistocene archaeological contexts and to make significant progress in their study through the integration of multiple approaches.

To accomplish this goal, the workshop is designed around three main objectives:

  1. Foster Interdisciplinary Exchange
    While our primary focus lies in studying micro-wear on lithic artifacts to glean insights into their use, our ambition within this workshop extends beyond conventional boundaries. We are committed to enriching our understanding by inviting specialists from diverse fields, including geology, geoarchaeology, lithic technology, and traceology. Our goal is to comprehensively understand the use of non-flint raw materials from various perspectives, such as raw material availability, petrographic and technological factors influencing material selection, morphological and qualitative characteristics facilitating their utilisation, and finally, physical and mechanical properties influencing the wear formation on these raw materials.
  2. Address Fundamental Questions
    Understanding the methodological, analytical, and applicative challenges encountered in the study of non-flint assemblages is crucial. By synthesizing these challenges from various perspectives and integrating diverse viewpoints, our goal is to address them in depth.
  3. Facilitate Collaboration
    The workshop aims to bring together researchers and students actively involved in the study of non-flint lithic assemblages. Representing diverse disciplines and methodological backgrounds, the aim is to foster international interdisciplinary collaborations through active idea exchange and discussions, strengthening the perspectives of non-flint lithic studies. 

The workshop will feature presentations from experts working on various aspects of non-flint raw materials and complemented by brief Q&A sessions. It will culminate in a Round Table discussion, providing an open forum for all participants to engage in a comprehensive dialogue about the insights and ideas shared throughout the day.

Confirmed Speakers 

Ignacio de la Torre, Veerle Rots, Vincent Delvigne, Görkem Cenk Yeşilova, María Soto Quesada, Kjel Knutsson, Flavia Venditti, Andreu Ollé, Ronè Oberholzer, Emilie Claud, Lena Asryan, Belén Márquez Mora, Idaira Brito, Sonja Tomasso, Noora Taipale, Aline Galland, Antony Borel, and Dries Cnuts.


Please use the following link to register: Registration Form 

Registration for the workshop opens on July 1, 2024.


Dr. Lena Asryan, Dr. Veerle Rots, Dr. Noora Taipale, and Ronè Oberholzer.