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Interested in Re-enacting in Greece?

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Market / Fair
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Christian Cameron

The author Christian Cameron has organised two gatherings at the site of the Battle of Marathon, and is organising a third multinational event at Plataea, on the site of the battle of 479 B.C. This truly is a very special experience for all involved. But it takes some planning.

Three years is a long lead in time and lots of things can change, but all the basics are in place. The time will allow people to buy, make and source their own equipment. One of the joys of recreating the Classical period is that you really do not need tons of equipment, but what you do use has to be fit for purpose and of excellent quality. And you will need to start saving for the journey. You could either fly to Athens or drive through France and Italy, catching the ferry to Greece. Hotels and last minute deals make the journey fun and not as expensive as you may imagine. Day trips are planned to Thermopylae, Artemesium, Delphi and Athens, and there will be time to do your own thing. Horses will be involved for safe competent riders who are happy bareback across rocky terrain.

Contact Christian directly if you are interested and would like to take part. There will be registration fees acting as a deposit.