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The Lyre Dancers - Book Launch

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United Kingdom

Marries great storytelling and convincing research … enthralling.’ Allan Massie, Scotsman (for The Amber Seeker)

Northern Britain, c. 300 BC. Former slave, indomitable survivor and now matriarch Rian returns with her daughters to her Celtic homeland and navigates changing fortunes from plundered riches and feuding warlords to betrayals and menacing curses. But when a disaster befalls her older daughter mirroring the cruellest events in Rian’s own past, Rian finds herself conflicted.

A beautifully written, engrossing tale, The Lyre Dancers takes place in a richly imagined world that, despite its distance from our own times, is peopled with characters whose emotions and circumstances we relate to instantly. Haggith’s innovative, widely praised research is worn lightly in a powerful narrative that challenges our modern views of family, social roles and our place in the environment. Above all, the storytelling soars as grudges, peril and passions take their turn across the pages of this early Celtic saga.

Join us on 6th December as we celebrate the launch of Mandy Haggith's new novel!

To mark the beginning of our Yule festivities, Mandy Haggith will run a series of small story-writing workshops at the end of each guided tour, using artefacts found in our museum collection to inspire a collective story about the lives of crannog dwellers. 

We will also be hosting a small evening event at 5.00pm where Mandy will join resident storyteller Graham and musicians around the intimate fire of the crannog roundhouse to read an excerpt from her new book, The Lyre Dancers. This event will last one hour and will comply with all government guidelines on safety and social distancing. 

Tickets are limited and booking is essential! To book one of our daytime events, simply book a slot on any of our tours on 6th December using the booking system found on our homepage. To book onto the evening event, please phone us on 01887 830583 to guarantee your place.