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A Night in the Museum with Germanicus

Kind of Event
Guided Tour

The Roman soldier Germanicus will take visitors by torch and candlelight on a nocturnal expedition through the Roman Villa Borg.

Lucius Iulius Germanicus has served for 15 years in the  Cohors II Raetorum civium Romanorum equitata , a military unit deployed on the Upper Germanic Limes. He's on vacation right now and wants to visit his family friends at Villa Borg. But when Germanicus arrives in his old homeland, it is already dark and the estate seems deserted...

Germanicus takes the arriving guests on an exciting tour and presents the Roman villa complex with the illuminated courtyard garden, the museum-like manor house, the impressive bathroom and the antique kitchen in a nocturnal atmosphere. He tells some anecdotes and takes the participant into the Gallo-Roman past.

Of course, a small sample of ancient Roman cuisine and a glass of good wine should not be missing during the nightly expedition. In the glow of the blazing kitchen fire, he says goodbye to the guests back into the night...