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Once upon a Time, there was a Family

open for all
Czech Republic

Experience a day in the life of the inhabitants of an early medieval village. You will see how the lives of children and adults differed from our lives today. You will see how the people slept, what they ate and how they cooked, you will examine the crops in the fields and gardens and even see farm animals. You will learn about what the father and mother did, chop wood and make a fire using firesteel, grind flour and prepare pancakes that we will then bake together. Then, you will pull sheep wool, roll yarn and braid a decorative bracelet. You will try working on a pottery circle, a weaving loom, tend a garden and cut the grass using a scythe or a sickle. After finishing your work, you will play a drum made of goat skin and play a game that was played during those times.

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Kovářov 201
398 55 Kovářov
South Bohemia
Czech Republic