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Rock Splitting Beginners Course

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With original medieval techniques and tools such as those from the 14th century, a royal court of Emperor Karl IV was created in Bärnau in the following 20 years. In this 2.5-day craft course, you accompany the construction team and learn how to work stone without the aid of modern equipment.

Under the professional guidance of a stone mason, you will be shown how to split and work granite stones by hand. In addition, you will receive extensive knowledge of the selection of stones, historical mortar, masonry with natural materials and the necessary tools.


  • Split and work stones with chisel and hammer
  • Stone selection and reading of the storage in Upper Palatinate granite stones safe tool use
  • Transport of the split stone to the construction site
  • Mix different historical lime mortars
  • Relocation of heavy stones with the medieval crane
  • Walls of a formwork masonry
  • Forge and harden the instructions for the impact iron

Registration deadline: 10 September