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Samhain Celebration

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Earth Kin Events
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“Welcome, wild heart, to the Earth Kin Hearth… can you hear the voices of the old ones whispering the ancient stories on the wind? Can you smell the ghosts of the sacred herbs lingering in the air? Can you feel the pulse of the holy drums echoing beneath your feet…?

We thought you might. It’s no coincidence you’ve come here. . .”

Join Earth Kin Events this Halloween at the thinning of the veil as we celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain with a deeply feminist edge by reclaiming some of history’s most notorious enchantresses.

On this night, we reclaim the Witch.

Through drumming, storytelling, dance, poetry and song we will give voice to the sorceresses of elemental magic; sovereigns of the earth, air, fire and water.

Learn the fate of the Queen of Ravens, Morgan Le Fay, mistress of the air; encounter the flame haired temptress Circe, daughter of the sun; behold the many masks of the crone Cerridwen, gatekeeper of life and death; and dare to face the hag Baba Yaga as she sings stories of bone and blood into the Earth.

Sorceress or Goddess? Temptress, maiden, mother or wife? All and more besides? The plight of the Witch is the story of women silenced throughout history – this Samhain, hear them roar.

The evening will include an opening ritual with Earth Kin’s Mistress of Ceremonies, Sacred Celebrant Ellie Brooks of Wildflower Ceremonies, who will be accompanied by some of Dorset’s most powerful female storytellers, writers, poets, dancers and musicians.

A cash bar will open at 7pm for the purchase of refreshments such as mulled wine, warm cider and sweet treats. Celebration starts at 7.30pm.

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