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Scenes from the Roman city of Cambodunum

Kind of Event

Let the authentically dressed actors take you into the everyday Roman life of the inhabitants of Cambodunum!

The spectators meet the temple head Florus in the temple district, who introduces them to the belief system of the Romans with their sacrificial rituals and enchants them with the stories about the heroic gods.

Then it becomes more mundane: In the area of ​​the insula and the forum, you can listen to the concerns and needs of the trader couple Decimus and Julia and the slave trader Marcellus.

After so much pathos and theatrics, it’s time to dive down: in the small thermal baths, the audience will meet Chlorus, the head of the thermal baths. There you will not only be instructed in the rules of bathing, but the "Roman lifeguard" has many a tongue-in-cheek anecdote about ancient bathing fun.

  • Other dates (always Sunday): July 31, August 28, September 25
  • Time : 11 am
  • Recommended age : for the whole family
  • Costs : free, plus admission ( ➜ visitor information )
  • Place : Kassenhaus (near the temple district), Cambodunumweg 3, 87437 Kempten