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Serdica is my Rome

open for all
Organised by
Association for Antique reconstruction "Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae" (BG)
Municipality of Sofia (BG)
Regional History Museum of Sofia (BG)

We have the honour to invite you to the first Festival of Antique Heritage “Serdica is my Rome” which will be held in Bulgaria’s capital city – Sofia. We want to promote the Antique legacy of our capital and to draw attention towards the restoration of historical sites: “The West Gate of Serdica” and “Antique cultural and communication complex “Serdica”.

We are going to prepare an interesting program, one that will represent the earlier history of Serdica to the citizens and the guests of the capital, especially the time around the reign of Emperor Constantine “the Great”. The adoption of Christianity trough the “Edict of Toleration” by Emperor Galerius and “The Council of Serdica”, that took place in our city, will also be parts of the event, alongside representations of the culture, the traditions and the religion of both the romans and the barbarian tribes, native to our lands in ancient times.

Reenacting associations from Bulgaria and abroad will take part. 

This project is funded by the “Culture 2019” program of Municipality of Sofia.'