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Slav Days

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Market / Fair

The Slav Days are not just any medieval market: every year in July, warriors, traders and craftsmen from all over Europe meet and resurrect all facets of the 9th and 10th centuries in the Oldenburg Wall Museum.

Blacksmiths fashion artful knives from glowing iron, yarn and cloth are dyed in vegetable brews, silversmiths and glass bead makers produce precious pieces of jewellery. At the market stalls you can buy a wide variety of goods that are not only suitable for enthusiasts. For example, hand-forged tools are just as functional today as they were in the Middle Ages, cloth dyed with natural colors also gives today's clothing a unique touch, and medieval jewelry is remarkably often very modern.

Highlights of the program are the great battles, in addition to the demonstrations of Viking and Slavic clothing and armaments. Be in the thick of it, not just by, as warriors attempt to conquer Starigard's castle. Fighters land in ships and storm the rampart gate, while the desperate defenders man the ramparts and the attackers try to repel with spears and stones.

There is a wide range of activities for young and old alike: try your hand at archery or listen to medieval music by the band "Die Lautlose". Children can explore the medieval settlements with a rally or participate in Slavic games. Guests are also invited to try out various medieval crafts for themselves. And of course we also take care of your physical well-being with a large selection of sweet and savory items.

Come to the Oldenburger Wall Museum and discover the Slav in you!