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Soldier Camp with Auxiliaries and Legionnaires

Kind of Event

Immerse yourself in the camp life of a Roman border fort! This weekend, several groups of Romans bring fun and action to the archaeological park. You can compare the equipment of legionnaires and auxiliaries directly on site and if you want, you can try on a chain mail shirt yourself. How has the equipment changed over the centuries and what was the everyday life of a Gallic auxiliary soldier like, for example? Find out and talk to the soldiers of the Via Romana, the 1st Roman cohort Opladen or the fourth Vindeliker corhort. Throughout the day there are several demonstrations of the troops. Listen to Roman military music, sample fire-baked soldier's bread, or take a break in the quieter areas of the sprawling park.

Short tours through the castle, hands-on and handicraft programs with different action levels round off the program for the whole family.

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
No discounts or group prices are granted for this event with a particularly extensive program.
Adults:   7.00 , children/teenagers:   5.00 , large family ticket (2 adults with children):  €14.00, small family ticket (one adult with children):   7.00  (incl. guided tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities)